The view from your desk

Do you prefer clutter or clean? My desk is often cluttered, but my work space I like to keep very clean.

This is the view from my desk (when I’m not working). I have 4 monitors the lower 2 are served by my graphics controller, the upper 2 are display link served.

The image is that of the Orbiter Endeavour sailing through Cook Strait in New Zealand just a couple of centuries after this
one mapped the passage. (A replica of course).

Plain neutral grey.

A little grainy because I’m walking at my desk and the window has a screen. This is my view if I turn my head about 30 degrees right. Cloudy day but still a nice sunrise over the lake.

A few years back, my little office space was featured on a site called Unclutterer. Here it is:.

I no longer have the Mac Mini, the MacBook Air has been replaced by a MacBook Pro, and the printer has been replaced. But for the most part, not much has changed since then.

I like my setup, but the minimalist in me would truly prefer no office at all. For years I considered my office to be my backpack, which lets me setup a temporary office just about anywhere, and work wherever, and whenever, I want.

For a moment I thought “Blimey! He works on the ISS!”

For a moment I thought “He has a sick mind… NOBODY has that clean a workspace”
Of course while mine is “cluttered”… I won’t even attempt to describe my wifes deskspace…

I would live to live next to a lake (preferably with water access)! The view from my desk window is the neighbors house across the street… boring.

My desk is usually a complete mess… very few months it gets so bad that I finally can’t star it an I clean it off, That is when there is no room to put anything more down!

  • Karen

I do not have the luxuries people are showing here. I have no desk, I just work where my almost 8 year old laptop is. Can be the kitchen table, my daytime employer in Belgium, or our workshop in the middle of nowhere, in the burning sun at our plantation, our home or any place in Botswana or the world.

Those fancy devices will not last long in those environments I am working in. Look up the Barren Wastelands and you can see where I will work after 18 november when I am back in Botswana. That is my desk. Any volunteers to join me?

Back in 2005 or so I was in Cameroon, with my faithful flat panel iMac (the one that took after the pixar lamp), and a Sony Vaio. Both worked quite fine, and resisted tropical humidity until now.

At the time, Internet was a big challenge there.

Internet is still a hugh challenge Michel, especially in very remote parts.

Well, with some degree of luck, Google’s Project Loon and Facebook’s will succeed covering there areas soon…

My home office is on the other side of the house. The images are from the front side:

Grabbed this from our blog as I couldn’t find a better one. A view of the Arnold River, a world-famous in New Zealand trout fishing river.

As for my desk, it is the dining room table, and sometimes it takes a while to find things.

The view from my office window. I have to turn about 45 degrees from my monitor to see it, and its usually cloudy or raining !

I could take photo of a parking lot but I’ll skip that :stuck_out_tongue:

This was the view from my desk while living in Santander, northern Spain. Unfortunately, we had to return to Madrid for various reasons and all I see now is a blank wall.

Oops, I seem to have forgotten how to insert a photo. Help!

I usually put the image file in Dropbox and then connect to it via the image icon (above). In Dropbox copy the URL of the image and paste it into your post in the appropriate place.

If it shows your Alfa, Ferrari or Bentley, i don’t have any objection. :smiley:

Nah, only a Citroën DS5 :wink: