The UIState file

Other than window size/position and open tabs, what other data might be stored in the UIState file? I’m trying to figure out if I’m safe to exclude these entirely when I sync data between my desktop and laptop.

Always things that can vary by project

Warning preferences - since they can vary by project
IOS Debug device you used but thats more than likely not transferable anyways since they are identified by UUID
IOS Architecture you ran as

Thanks Norman. I’ll continue to sync those then and just resize the windows as needed.

Thats why they give you those fun buttons in the upper left corner on OS X :stuck_out_tongue:

Which are generally useless to me. I’m very particular about my window positions and sizes.

On the other hand, that’s where utilities like Keyboard Maestro really shine.

Interesting… We just touched on this with a current project, it’s being designed so that the files created by the app can be shared via iCloud (or possibly others). One of the issues was the same user, working across two different machines with two different resolutions. Or more than 2.

Our proposed solution was to use a generated identifier per machine, which is the used as a key to pull up the UIState. In simple tests it works, two machines same data file, yet different window sizes and settings per machine.

Just thought I’d share, technically if I’m being humble I’m actually bragging… I did this and…