The shortcut for underscore (_) code line wrapping not working on Mac OS X & Windows 8


[i]The UserGuide-Fundamentals on page 42 says:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on both my MacMini ( with a French PC keyboard ) and my Toshiba laptop ( same keyboard layout ) on Windows 8. It works fine with RealStudio on the same computers.[/i]

Are these shortcuts working for you ?

I do not recall if I knew that, but I think I never use it ;-:slight_smile:

On the other hand, I think one can do that with AppleScript Editor (or was it HyperCard ?)

No, on my Win8-64 ctrl-enter doesn’t work and also the return key on the numeric pad doesn’t work either since the FIRST beta of Xojo.

You have to manually enter the underscore and return/enter until they get it fixed.