The recent files dialog

Can anyone tell me how to remove projects listed in the recent projects window that open when you launch Xojo?


File->Open Recent->Clear Menu

Any way to selectively clear, like from some config some where?

preferences but “easy” depends on what platform you’re on

On Mac, Should of said :slight_smile:

I don’t see anything in Preferances…

in /Users/your_username/Library/Preferences/ is a file


on Recent Items Dict

are the Recent Items

I found that but deleting the Items, In 2 places in the Plist and they still show!

Manually modifying preferences got really difficult recently. You may have to delete the lockfiles and caches too. (this is an OSX “feature”)

you must delete all between and

Sorry I even Deleted the entire Recent Items and they still show. I’m using the Plist editor in xcode.

I also seen no and

Richard, why did you not try what Paul posted ? I did, and it works perfectly :

I suspect he’s not clearing the entire menu.

I ended up doing Paul’s solution. I’ll just have to reload everything as I need to.

Thanks everyone.