The problem Web project run on server

I created a Web project and built it .(linux x86 64bit) And I bought a server base on UBUNTU.When I run this project on my server,it warned “segmentation fault”.What’s the problem?If I run it successfully on my server,will it limit the users’ browser? (beacuse it limit my visiting browser when I debug) xojo v2015

I have the same issue with my host. It may be fixed with the latest version, but otherwise I build using Xojo 2016 Release 1.1.

If you can run it from the command line you might see what the issue is.

For me it doesn’t get that far — the app doesn’t even launch, but fails immediately. I drag the app onto a Terminal window and get the error.

My host VM is using Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit, yet I can run the same app on my desktop Ubuntu VM just fine. It’s a real head-scratcher!

The same issue?Segmentation fault?I guest it’s the problem of xojo’s complier.If your app works,tell me how to do please!