The Ohanaware App Kit now updated to 1.1

Version 1.1 of the Ohanaware App Kit now includes…

  • Valdemar De Sousa’s Picture Button.
  • folderItemReference object, which keeps track of a folderItem while the application is open.
  • OWStackView class (beta).
  • OWSourceList.listSizeValues.systemSetting - Uses the system setting for the source list size (currently doesn’t auto update when the system changes).
  • OWLargeButton - This is more of a demo really on how to use the System API to create buttons.

Existing customers will receive the new version via e-mail.

The Ohanaware App Kit 1.1 is available from

Version 1.1 also includes these additional changes.

  • OAK2020.dragHelper global property to compensate for whereby a Xojo application cannot access the initator of a drag.
  • NSSliderSetVertical( instance ) = value - Allows a slider to made vertical on macOS.
  • NSImageFromName - now handles complete and partial paths.
  • NSGraphicsContextSetImageInterpolation.
  • NSSavePanel Now uses the Xojo provided Block handler with Xojo 2019.02 or newer.
  • window.title( mainTitle, subTitle ) - for setting the maintitle and subtitle.
  • NSGradientinitWithStartingColorendingColor - For creating a NSGradient.
  • NSGradientDrawFromPointToPointOptions - For drawing a linear gradient.
  • NSGradientDrawsBeforeStartingLocation
  • NSGradientDrawsAfterEndingLocation
  • kNotificationNSAppearanceChanged - Default notification to use in your apps to handle the appearance changing, including the selected accent color. Requires issuing on the appearance changed event of the application, and capturing using the OWNotificationListener protocol.
  • NSGradientInterpolatedColorAtLocation - Returns a color from a NSGradient at a certain position.
  • NSColor_setStroke - Sets the selected NSColor as the stroke color.
  • NSMenu_itemAtIndex
  • NSWorkspaceRecyleURLS
  • NSAppleScript will now raise an exception when it’s called from a Xojo thread. This is because on some installations of Catalina it crashes, but not all and we don’t have any indication as to why at the moment.
  • Updated the example for adjusting a window to when it changes screens.
  • Updated NSTextFieldEditable to be NSTextFieldSetEditable
  • Added NSTextFieldEditable for getting the editable state.
  • NSOpenPanel
  • Fixed an issue when displaying a NSSavePanel or NSOpenPanel from a containerControl.
  • Date.DayInTime
  • NSSavePanel2019.allowedFileTypes now uses allowedContentTypes on macOS 10.16 Big Sur.
  • NSURLisFileReferenceURL
  • NSURLisFileURL
  • NSURLFileReferenceURL
  • NSURLFilePathURL