The new Xojo and an oldster

I was fooling around with the last Xojo and wanted to color a Canvas.

Very simple, you may say ? Yes.

But g. returns nothing that suggest that.

One have to open the LR for Graphics:
I found it: DrawingColor.

Back to g. and… it was there ! And I looked many times before creating this entry.

A last word on the subject:
In the LR, a double click in Graphics.DrawingColor (either the left or right word) select the both words with the dot.

What do I said about API2 last year or so ?
My productivity suffers from API2. I have to open the LR and waste my time until I will found what I want.

Also, the bottom part of the IDE, where the errors lies, cannot be copied: a real shame ! Even with three lines, one may want to copy them for different purposes:

a. you have to stop right now to leave (eat something, a meeting, time to go home, whatever): you copy the errors in an external document and add notes to it, so when you come back you will know where you were / what to do, etc.

b. You are testing code from someone else (even from this very forum: asking or answering questions): it is good to be able to copy the error (IDE compile time report).

c. System.DebugLog may also be copied…

And this is only after 5 minutes.

Have a nice day.

b. You can copy error(s)

  • Click one error you want to copy and select more errors if you want by using the shift key to select consecutive errors or Command key (macOS)/Control key (Windows) to select individual errors.
  • Right click and select Copy

c. Also possible

  • Select the text that you want to copy
  • Right click and select Copy

It’s that simple :wink: