The New Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft Surface Studio Introduction Video

Suface Studio - Turn your desk into a Studio

Wow! Microsoft are really stepping up their game.

I love the i7 performance with a 16 hour battery life.
I love the big assed ‘iMac’ like machine, especially with the dial support. I can already think of many uses for it.

If only these machines could run the macOS with support for their hardware features. Have to wait and see what Apple ship tomorrow.

This is just beautiful

It actually is!

If it were running the macOS, I would have already pre-ordered one… Switching to Windows is possible, but it would take me a while to get up and running. Although if MS keeps cranking out exciting machines, I’m getting more and more tempted.

The next Windows 10 update, called Creator Update, will be available in Spring. Looks like they are going step by step tackling the industry sectors. And the Windows 10 native Universal Windows Platform App UI is so slick.

Introducing the Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update 3D scanning live demo

Introducing 3D in Windows 10

Paint 3D: Bring your ideas to life in 3D

I love the concept, but I think it might run into trouble when it meets the reality of many creative professional’s desks…

I do like the Surface Book which looks great but … it still runs Windows. Thats a no-go for me.

Right, that’s exactly the same for me. It could dance around the room and make me tea and I’d still not want it if it runs Windows. I’m way way too deep in Apple’s ecosystem to change now. Having said that, I do like it when Apple are challenged like this, I don’t want them getting fat and lazy.

Don’t trust announcements… esp. those ones from Microsoft. Yes the design looks pretty cool and MS is heading in a direction where apple is completly absent. But it always comes down to software and it’s windows where I can see a huge gap between ads and reality. Just today showed that Microsoft is not protecting its customers (here) with its skype video- and chat communication. Just today I’ve read a paper where Microsoft is accused in violating german data protection law of employees (here). This fancy cool Hololens technology (for 5k USD!) still suffers of limited FOV and the Surface pencils only supports 256 levels of pressure sensitivity (compared to wacom device’s 2048). The whole shiny new Surface rig costs at minimum 2k USD far away from the mass market. And no mention how developers could connect to it…

Don’t trust commentaries before the product actually exists …

Now I see the new MBPr , I think the Surface Book hype is fading out for me. :slight_smile:

Let us face it. No matter what Microsoft comes up with, it won’t run macOS. And I don’t want to hear about unclean hackish manipulations. If you want a Mac, buy a Mac. No question about it.

That said, for Windows users often mistreated by cheap manufacturers and not so great design, the new hardware is a welcome novelty. The Surface book looks real smart. I know there are a significant number of people using Windows desktop publishing tools and other stuff that can use super big screens. Their Surface Studio rig is great for designers accustomed to the drawing table. At long last, their back may not hurt when spending a long time on a project.

In more ways than one, the new Microsoft hardware, especially Surface Studio, is not so much a competition for Apple’s hardware, as a demonstration of what can be done. Just imagine a super big iPad Pro with the same kind of features. I am sorry, but 13 inches is ridiculously small for most graphic projects.

I feel that MS is really challenging Apple in Apple’s home turf, which is the ‘design’ industry.

Apple introduces a fKey replacement ‘bar’, meanwhile MS has done away with the Keyboard.

You’re comparing oranges and toyotas here

If you compare the rMBP which Apple introduced to the Surface Book thats a more accurate comparison

Apple didn’t bring in a whole family today like MS did yesterday

Thats not to say the design ideas in the Studio aren’t very interesting for a large segment - just that comparing the Studio to the MBP is not really comparing like to like

[quote=295278:@Sam Rowlands]I feel that MS is really challenging Apple in Apple’s home turf, which is the ‘design’ industry.

Apple introduces a fKey replacement ‘bar’, meanwhile MS has done away with the Keyboard.[/quote]
Apple’s initial ship dates were in 2-3 weeks. What about Microsoft’s? Great artists ship, and all that :wink:

MS stated shipments are “by end of year”

This is very true. Too many times I have purchased a Dell, HP, or some other brand and the hardware quality is poor. Even some of the more expensive third-party computers were poor to mediocre. Software upgrades with these 3rd party computers often left me searching for device drivers or having me attempt to write my own.

I purchased the first Microsoft Surface Pro in 2013 and it literally runs everything and it is my computer when I go out to the field, which means it is treated roughly. I wish it had a better keyboard, and it is good for the very first version. It works great with Xojo!

After being impressed by the first version of Surface Pro, I then recently purchased the Surface Book Pro. Many great improvements and this is my home computer which is fast, reliable, and works great with two 1920x1080 screens attached.

Similar to Apple, having a corporation create both the software and hardware is an excellent match for the consumers. I hope both corporations keep coming out with great and new innovative products!

Let me just clarify my argument here.

#1 When designing a project, it’s done on huge sheets of paper, it’s much quicker for me to sketch out the GUI, write notes, design data tables (again with notes) and objects with their relationships. Then I translate those drawings to digital (by hand) and start creating project goals.

The MS Surface products would allow me to draw these out on the laptop screen (which can be folded over and used like a tablet) or that gorgeous huge display of the studio. It has built-in handwriting recognition, my handwriting has already been adapted for digital purposes via years of Newton experience.

#2 Most of my in-app artwork starts out as hand drawn illustrations, I then scan them in and manually digitize them, building elements on top. A MS Surface solution would allow me to draw directly on to the screen and then easily adapt them.

I’ve bought iPad’s and many pens and they all get left dormant as quite frankly they’re useless. I was excited by the iPad Pro for this feature, but the price is what prevented me from buying a single device for just this one purpose.

#3 For photo editing, being able to use a pen to control precision editing and even a manual dial for precision adjustment, is a huge benefit.

So the creative type inside of me wants a MS Surface Book or Studio. While the macOS developer inside of me goes, a Touchbar, it’s a mini touch screen, which doesn’t solve any of these problem, but at least you can now select emoji by pushing on a small thin touch screen.

Apple have stated they’re not going to do a hybrid device, but I feel that’s the kind of device that would really benefit creative types.

The tablet mode of the Surface is definitely distinctive when compared to an MBP
And thats the right kind of comparison to make (IMHO)

And, for a certain segment of users, MS will be able to get rid of they keyboard as you point out

That Apple doesn’t get this is kind of telling in some ways
Makes you wonder how their creative teams work (Wacom tablets etc ?)
Hopefully their creative & design teams were watching the MS launch and got the “AHA !” about why it makes sense
Up til now touch screen desktops were dubious and MS really did do a bang up job of imagining a different way of working and built the device to let them do it

Apple being Apple maybe they have an A10 powered hybrid device they just haven’t shown off

Basically dont misread me - I think MS announcements really DO overshadow Apples in many ways
They did a bang up job, the hardware looks nice and has decent enough specs
But it is still running Windows which I’m unlikely to move to full time

Now if only I could figure out how to jam macOS onto one :stuck_out_tongue: