The mystery darkens…

This is a follow-up to a previous question (Read Until Delimiter).

My code working fine / doing what I want, I use it into a different project.

In fact, I copy the Action Handler (from the Navigator) and I paste it into the right location in the new project.

I ran the project, load a file and … Horror ! Tragedy ! Misfortune !

I miss the first column (entirely: heading and data…), from 4 columns (First Name, Last Name, Birth date and Party).

After a momment of fear, I checked my text file using QuickLook (OS X / El Capitan): the columns are there.

I’ve added a break point and step in the debugger… OK.
I added a local variable only to know what Split do, run, debugger: OK
Next instruction is LB.AddRow.

I fired the application I build yesterday from the project I took the code from… Load the text file (the same, not another):

I have all my Columns.

The mystery darkens… I wrote earlier.

Xojo 2015r1 / El Capitan .6, Internet ON.
It was… stupid (I do not have a license for 2016r1), I quit 2015r1, fired 2016r3, run open the text file and still no first name (my first column does not exists).

Hum to have a little snack…

snack is delayed.

I boot, fire 2015r1, run… same behavior.

Quit Xojo, fire it, run… my application quits (?).

Quit Xojo, shutdown MacBook Pro. Wait some seconds, Power ON.

Fire 2015r1, run… same behavior.

ßσ??Ì??چ??Ï. And a stupid idea, the stupiest (!) idea I ever had (and I am strong when talking about stupid ideas): I do just like if the first column was resized down… and it was the case.


No, I will not ask how is this possible to get a column (the first column) with a 0 pixels width…

Now I have to take today’s Dick Dick Tracy before I forgot (with Peanuts, Gasoline Alley, Wizard of ID and Garfield: same newspaper, the Houston Chronicle :slight_smile: ). Oh G.od, the censor scisor strikes again ! Did he censor Boy also ? (I saw that long time ago and it tooks me a while until I found why I cannot search for Superboy comics… go figure!)

Emile, when you talk to yourself, answer yourself, like yourself … then it might be time to step away from the keyboard and go for a looong and relaxing walk ….