The Main and Helper Apps Paradigm

I watched a Xojo video recently that said they were going to spawn console apps to help with asynchronous processing of tasks. That is, instead of starting up a thread, you just start up an app that will do the same thing and provide the same data.

Is this possible now?

Can I write a console app that can then communicate (via IPC?) with other console apps and the primary app? Can they all talk back and forth if necessary?

I’d like to prototype an app that will have a main app, but will allow helper apps to grab data from web APIs. So, is this possible and relatively easy now?

It is possible but while you can run a console app in the IDE, to compile a console app you need a license that includes that ability. Single platform and Desktop do not. (IMO it should just be part of Desktop as all PCs have multi-core processors these days as Xojo does not preemptive threads )



you can actually run both in the same IDE at the same time - you might need your “main” to have a means to select the hlper and then manually start the helper etc
I’ve done this just recently and it works just fine and makes it possible to debug both the main and helper at one time

This topic describes the helper/console app technique: