The link to the "Made with XOJO" logos is not working.

The link to the “Made with XOJO” logos is not working under our “My account”.

Is works fine under my “My account”.
This one?

If I go to that page ( ) then I see one logo (only) despite the plural int the line above.
If I click the licence agreement link I get to download index.php !
If Iclick the link to I simply get the same made with Xojo page.

Using Firefox 31.0 on Windows 8.1

If I try using Windows IE.11, I get a blank page for either of teh above links

ok… if i click on the “License Agreement” link my Chrome downloads me a index.php (?)
Hint @Chris Carter don’t use IE, even the newest one still(!) doesn’t support all HTML5/CSS3 properties nor the old ones.

In addition: Most of the Webpage Designer dont care about IE, because it has a strange behavior towards almost all stuff referring to HTML/CSS

I hardly ever use IE - only for the odd test when I see a problem in a page with another browser, usually Firefox.

Also, regarding the broken links, the zip archive link also take me nowhere ( IE: back to the same made with Xojo page )

Can confirm that. The a tag is messed up: <a href="" account="" mwx=""""="">zip archive</a> and the one of the license agreement also <a href="" download="" eula.php""="">license agreement</a>

Looking into this now.

It’s all set now.