The LGPL license

I know nothing about licensing stuff as what I don’t do for myself as mostly been for in-house software.

In another thread .someone said LPGL code is usually avoided in proprietary software. That got wondering about how restrictive it was…

To get a simple explanation I checked Wikipedia…

From Wikipedia:

So it seems to me the safest way to include LGPL code in proprietary software would be through DLLs and.or Dylibs and access it through declares or through the shells or maybe a plugin as long as all the plugin source was available. That way the end user in theory could change the LGPL code , recompile and so change functionality… Is that correct?

But Wikipedia also says:

How can that be unless maybe the non LGPL code part are encrypted but still compilable? … Outside of custom software for a client, I can;t seem anyone wanting to do that.

  • Karen

LGPL must be separated for people to change it.
This can be a dll or a helper app.