The iPad RANG?

I’m confused…
My wife has had an iPhone for quite some time, currently has an iPhone6s+
I had an older non-retina iPad… and recently bought a new 2017 model on Black Friday.
I took the old iPad, reset to factory settings, and gave it to my wife.
She asked me to install an app I had written to it for her, so I had her iPad on my desk this morning.
Her iPhone rang (incoming call)… but SO DID THE IPAD!
the screen on the iPad said Incoming Call [xxx-xxxx] slide to answer
WTF? this is NOT an LTE iPad (Wifi only)
So why did it accept a phone call (or how for that matter)
I don’t answer her phone, so I didn’t attempt to see what would have happened,

If your Apple ID is linked to an iPhone / actual phone number you can receive phone calls on compatible devices. (including your Mac)

From OS X Daily you need to go to FaceTime in the Settings app on the iPhone and go to “FaceTime” and toggle the switch for “iPhone Cellular Calls” to the OFF position.

I could be wrong, but I think this feature also only works when the iPhone and iPad are on the same Wifi network.

In the iPhone (mine is a 7 Plus, iOS 10), under the “Phone” Settings, click on “Calls on Other Devices” to setup which devices to use to make or receive calls through the iPhone.

When I’m sitting at my desk and my iPhone rings, it and my Wifi-only iPad and MacBook Pro all ring at the same time.

Such fun :slight_smile: