The Happiness Advantage

Inspiration has plenty of sources…

The Hapiness Advantage


Sorry Alwyn, I have a pretty dim view of people who tell you they will make you feel better by taking 1,000 bucks from you. Happiness comes from within, not from another Tony Robbins.

I suppose even happy people needs to pay the bills.

Kidding aside, I get what you’re saying Chris. Happiness is absolutely a conscious decision, and a free decision at that.

Personally though, I have found the knowledge and guidance from people that dedicates a great deal of their live and energy on the subject helpful in making more informed decisions.

Your brain is just like any other muscle in your body. The more exercise it gets, the stronger it becomes. And I think in some circumstances guidance from others can accelerate the process,

Luckily we are coders so we get plenty of brain exercise each day :wink: I read the other day that there is actually a strong correlation between happiness, and using the logical part of you brain.

I absolutely agree with everything you have said above. I should know. In 2005 I suffered a brain injury due to diabetes and spent 3 months in hospital learning how to walk and use my left arm. The very best exercise I could undertake was to get hold of my laptop
and do some programming. Initially, I found even a few minutes of VB exhausting, but slowly over time, I found my ‘brain workout’ to be most beneficial. I really think that we underestimate and under appreciate that wonderful blob of spongy grey matter in our skulls.
Imagine if you spilled a glass of water into the motherboard of your computer. Everything would go smokey and dark right. Now just imagine that the next morning when you woke up, the computer had repaired itself overnight. Thats how amazing the brain is.

I didn’t have to give anyone 1,000 bucks to watch that :slight_smile: @Alwyn Bester - Always good to be reminded of the fact that our outlook has a great deal to do with our well being.

@Chris Benton Inspiring story. Good to know you were able to overcome your injury.

10 years of tough work, but I suspect that there are a few loose wires on the motherboard that throw sparks and short circuits from time to time. I believe that in times of personal crisis, there is no benefit in speaking to the empty sky above or waiting for some divine miracle, help comes from within. I think that personal crisis either drives us to or away from faith. In my case it did neither, but make me realise that I was alone in the quest for a cure.

[quote=196498:@Alwyn Bester]Inspiration has plenty of sources…

The Hapiness Advantage

Thank you Alwyn. I just loved the lose dot on the graph and the explanation about the cult of average.

UPDATE: I’ve just finished reading the book “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achnor… and WOW.

His theories are all based on sound experimental studies, and goes far beyond just being motivational speaking.

This book truly gives one a fresh outlook and arsenal of tactics on how to capitalize on positivity.

PS. The paperback costs less than $12 on Amazon.

Read an excerpt at

“Happiness is a Warm Gun”, John Lennon, The Beatles, White Album, 1968-11-22.