The future of OS X and Apple

As many of you know, I think Yosemite is the worst release of OS X, with so many broken functions and features. As a developer we’ve had to ride out customers frustration with us, as things no longer work in our apps, because Apple broke them.

Turns out it’s not only us developers who’re having a hard time with Yosemite. I had the pleasure of meeting a director for an advertising agency here in Taiwan at the weekend. When we talked about computers, his disdain for Yosemite and how it’s affected his staff’s workflow immediately came out. They spend a small fortune on Apple hardware and Apple’s video editing software, and have done for many years.

But they’re pissed off with Apple’s own video software crashing on Yosemite, losing work and such. It’s gotten to the point where, he’s considering t’other platform and different editing software. They’re in a position where they’d have some down time as they change platforms, but that’s the point that Apple have pushed these customers too.

Makes me very concerned about the future of Apple, especially as rumors of the next OS update are starting to appear, and we still don’t have a stable build of Yosemite.

How do you guys feel?

Is the guy just talking the talk or is he really going to change EVERYTHING? Does the video editing software really crash for EVERY user? If you think Apple is bad, Windows is ten times worse.

For me Yosemite is stable and the software is stable, too. Yes, there are a few annyoing bugs. But nothing that I would loose sleep over.

An advertising agency is an end user. While switching platform is no small task, it is one of their options. Although I am not too sure a hasty decision for a major platform change is a wise move. That said, recent sloppy Apple implementation of OS X is no doubt starting to rain on the parade. It is unacceptable that a company known for excellence is issuing software that routinely crashes. Most outrageous the Photo app in Yosemite 10.10.3, which is not even stable today. Hopefully the will get their thing together by release date.

I sincerely hope Yosemite will not be Apple’s Vista. I doubt it, though. In the past, Apple has always succeeded in stabilizing new systems eventually. Admittedly, Mac users are a very demanding crowd. Maybe they have been spoiled. Now I do question Apple habit of breaking regularly proven technologies under the pretext of making new. I frankly don’t see why they disposed so lightly of Quicktime, for instance. Not that updating it would have been easy, but the end result of AVFoundation is a vastly inferior product. I would love to know how having less features constitutes a progress, in spite of Apple’s spin.

Maybe another phenomenon is at work here. When Apple is entirely focused on selling hundred of millions of iPhones and probably dozen millions Apple Watches, Mac OS X is no longer the star of the show. I bet the most brilliant programmers better jump on the glitzy new world of all things iOS, than to keep laboring in the now small world of only 10 or 20 millions iMac, MacBook and PowerBook, would they be Air. Then instead of having high flying programmers caring for Mac OS X, you got the average guy whose standards maybe a bit less demanding than what Steve Job’s mignons had. I wonder how much visiting Tim Cook does to the Mac OS Lab, busy as he is negociating with China to sell iPhone for hundreds of dollars to natives whose cousins produce them for dozens. Let us face it : Stave was about products and technology. Tim is about BIG money.

Who are we to judge the most profitable computer company ever ?

Don’t see any crashes either. Can’t complain about Yosemite’s stability, only about it’s uglyness … the flat colourless look is not winning me over.

I find Yosemite to be stable, until you get an update of a few months with sleep periods when moving between locations, but Xojo also gets wonky and my PS3 gets really wonky after a month or so of having a game paused… I think Apple just gets poked more about it due to the “it just works” attitude of users and the company… Like Michel, I believe that they are focused on their new toy (Apple Watch) and having to spread staff across departments probably hurts the QA a little, but that’s what point releases are for :wink:

Yosemite is OK for me, when i got my mac…i had only 2-3 day mavericks installed, then the yosemite update was there.

Only thing that annoys me is the finder…this thing cant remember its window behaviors…

Apple’s Vista was 10.7
Yosemite is Apple’s Windows 8 …

[quote=181857:@jean-yves pochez]Apple’s Vista was 10.7
Yosemite is Apple’s Windows 8 …[/quote]

Did not want to be that cruel :wink:

Well, Yosemite introduced a lot of new features. Plus the change from an 18 Month to a 12 Month release cycle has hurt QA.

Rumor has it that the next OS X and iOS versions focus on usability and bug squashing …

I’m very satisfied with Yosemite.

I think Yosemite is alright for a general use, and I have not found gross bugs that would prevent me from using 10.10.3 on my production machine. No more rough edges than Mavericks beta.

But the Photo app, or Sam’s programs, use CoreImage, and it seems some abusive trimming took place at the system level that broke things. Bad enough that Magic or Shine encounter issues, but when the brand new, much touted new app that comes with 10.10.3 bugs, it is bad form. Yeah yeah this will be fixed. Still the same question : why did they break the camel back ?

Audio Visual applications because of the QuickTime drop is another place where things are not as smooth as they should be. I just had a look at some specialized forums, and it seems all hell lose for some apps.

The issue here is what you do with a Mac. If you mainly program and use standard software like I do, nothing bites. If, like many creation studios, production houses or professional photographers, you need the bleeding edge, 10.10.3 does not seem quite up to par. Once again, maybe Mac OS X users have been spoiled by a Ferrari, and do not terribly enjoy a Buick. Maybe Mavericks will be the Snow Leopard of modern times ? After all, that guy Sam is talking about does not need to get PCs. Just downgrade :wink:

I really like Yosemite a lot. Best looking OSX ever. :slight_smile:
I sometimes have to boot OSX 10.8 and it just doesn’t look great anymore. Especially on a Retina.
Also have no crashes or issues with it.

About Photos:
It is a new app using the new UXKit (compatible for OSX and iOS) so developers only have to write single code that is working on both OS

[quote=181895:@Christoph De Vocht]
About Photos:
It is a new app using the new UXKit (compatible for OSX and iOS) so developers only have to write single code that is working on both OS[/quote]

It’ll be awesome when they open this up to developers.

I am working on Yosemite since it went public. I have not updated our users machines though, because the apps I have written with Xojo simply look and work better on Mavericks.

On yosemite for instance I notice flickering (regularly, but not reliably reproducible), a broken combobox (sometimes it does not correctly react on mouse-clicks and focus-ring is misplaced, etc <>), desktop icons get mixed up, preview gets lost and quicklook is not showing anything, CubeSQL does not autostart, etc …)

I agree with what was mentioned here before: Yosemite is Apple’s Vista.
And despite all the new makeup, this does not look good.

The thing is, that Yosemite’s sloppiness has made a large company re-consider their purchases, it’s made them think twice about shelling out their money on Apple products. It’s seeded doubt, broken an industry that it’s typically had a stronghold over.

As for focusing on iOS, it took 3 updates to get an iPhone 5s that didn’t crash when trying to access certain web pages, and still today Safari sometimes says it can’t connect to sites, until I reboot the phone.

So far stability of the Apple Watch doesn’t seem vary good either…

As Mac OS X Yosemite and Final Cut Pro & Motion User (and a huge number of plugins) I cannot report anything negative.

Originally I wanted to hate Yosemite but I am quite fond of it now. It really shines on a 4k iMac. On my MacBook Pro the aesthetic is a little less pleasing but I know better.

Stability wise it’s as good as its ever been. Video editing requires a lot of RAM. Perhaps the machines they are using are simply under powered for the type of work they are doing? If you consume all RAM then OS X is going to start swapping and it goes downhill from there.

I am very happy with Yosemite.

All my software Xojo and PureBasic Apps run without any problems.

I find Yosemite runs better than the previous OS on my IMac.

That is very true. OSX10.10.3 is pretty fast when it comes to all sort of GUI animations. Way faster compared to 10.9

I have a friend who really hated the new Yosemite look until he saw it running on my iMac 5K. Next day he ordered one. :slight_smile:
He is now raving about the new look. :slight_smile: