The file [filename.txt] cannot be imported

I often drag and drop text files and sometimes graphics files onto the IDE but every so often I’m now receiving an error message:

Any ideas? It only happens occasionally and I can’t remember it happening with a previous version of Xojo.

2013 r 4.1 on OS X 10.8.5

I had drag and drop troubles yesterday (drag a folder from the Finder and drop it in a ListBox). The drop was rejected. I do it slowly a second time and it goes fine.

Yes, different circumstances.

BTW: on OS X, cmd-shift-4 followed by a space key keypress and click allows you to save the selected window only (no surrounding ‘white’, only the window). Add ctrl if you want to get the image in the clipboard.

Yes, Windows have the same kind of things. Different shortcut.

Good trick Emile, I’d forgotten it. :slight_smile: