The Expert

This video is not new, but it is worth re-watching even if you’ve already seen it:

Don’t ever call me an “Expert”… why?
X indicates the “unknown”
SPURT is a drip under pressure

I am NOT an “unknown drip under pressure”

I couldn’t find any Green Ink… but below is the solution done in transparent ink

where’s the kitten ?
did you do that one in transparent ink too ?

it is perpendicular, You can only see it in the other dimension.

OMG, I’ve had a few meetings like this…

[quote=245186:@Norman Palardy]where’s the kitten ?
did you do that one in transparent ink too ?[/quote]
I did… its the one shaped like the balloon

That’s… a triangle.

it’s perpendicular.

“So what exactly is stopping us from doing this?”

If you will look at my solution (albeit in only transparent ink), you will see that I ignored “geometry”, and provided the solution as detailed in the verbal functional specifications. Of course in real life I would have expected the Project Manager to provide detailed written Functional Specs, based on the Business Specs supplied by the customer, to which I would have responded with detailed written Technical Specifications prior to actually providing the above accurate solution.

and then work on it for a year or so fully billable :stuck_out_tongue:

at that point they’ll cancel it and move on to something else … like round triangles

sadly I’ve sat through a meeting a lot like this where physics was the limiting factor
even had one engineer remark “damn speed of light is too slow”

Physics… just ignore it :slight_smile:

I wonder what percentage of the 2000 who gave it a thumbs down are people I work for.

they’re probably all the project mgr, team leads, designers etc

all the non-experts :stuck_out_tongue:

I have had those meetings this month already… sad for me…

This reminds me of a project for an unnamed technology company with initials GE where I did a project a few decades ago. They had a data entry screen and wanted lots of edits before the data was submitted.

When I started to program interesting things started to surface.

If Field A = 1 then Field B must not be alphabetic
If Field B is not alphabetic then Field A must be greater than one
If Field C is a Y then set field A and B to 1
etc. etc. etc.

Ah the joy of not being required to do linear thinking when you draft specifications.

Looks like every kickoff meeting I ever attended at my last job.

No transparent ink for me…I use opacity = 0%.