The documentation there:

Or “Why do I stopped to use the documentation here ?”

Go there:

and read at the Notes:

This Rect class is not available for iOS projects. Use Xojo.Core.Rect instead.

Nearly everywhere, a note concernaing iOS exist. While I understand the purpose, a different approach may be used: an icon that display the concerning Target:
a notebook (or a desktop computer [iMac ?]) for desktop applications,
a smartphone for iPhone (and Android when it will be needed) development,

This will stop letting people (wrongly think) they are reading documentation for smartphone development (when it is not the case)…

Also, I searched for (forgot what), and I get two relevant hits: a Cmd-Click in a link… load the clicked ink in the current Tab (instead of opening a brand new tab as I was asking to). So once I read the page contents, I had to go back to read the other page contents and if it is not what I wanted, I will be in trouble. The tab use is just that: allow to read two or more documents or better: put two windows in the same screen to compare their contents (with a near 4K screen width: 3360 x 2100, I can do that).

Now, I am the only one to complain, so why do I spend time to make a report ? I do not know.

Forget the ‘old’ documentation.
Go to the new :wink:

Thank you Paul for the information.