The clocks on the Xojo Cloud are not accurate.

The clocks on the Xojo Cloud are not accurate.

I have two servers and they can vary as much as 3 minutes. We have been watching them over the last few weeks and they ‘drift’. (We compared one server clock to the other server clock)

As of this writing one was off 38 seconds the other 62 seconds

Server 2:


My iPhone, my iWatch a and my Mac along with my IP Telephone all agree with the government clock.

As a user i have no access to set an NTP daemon to sync to either server.

Anybody have an idea how I can set the clock?

The time on your cloud servers should now be fixed and syncing going forward.

I hope the adjustment was forward, not backwards. Otherwise any apps that record the current time to keep track of transaction order would now be thrown off, no?

Yes- but in general I would caution against any design that uses a system clock to track iterative transaction order. But that’d be a whole other thread. :slight_smile:

@Travis Does this mean that all XC servers are now configured to sync the time, or just Jays?

Our provider used to sync from host, and so NTP wasn’t a concern- and in fact could cause issues. Now they don’t, and NTP is the recommended approach. So we’ll be rolling it out to the server base as whole over the next week.

Hey Travis.

Thanks for the prompt fix on this one It is appreciated.

I have to justify my software as a service to enterprise level customers. As you and I both know they are pretty harsh.

What they would like to see is some sort of process that I could point to that Xojo is

  1. made aware of when your provider makes changes
    and 2) has some sort of review of how to react to changes.

I know you guys use Rackspace and they are , as they say, ‘fanatical’ about support. Or are we just at a price point that is too low to support that kind of thing?

Also I know you guys are constantly rolling out improvements to XC. I toweled be nice to have a of those things as they happen.

Xojo Cloud is a transparent maintenance service. That is, we do have a support and SLA policy- but all security updates, firewall configuration, etc are done for you. Upstream providers are white labeled, and may change in the future. As a transparent maintenance service, Xojo Cloud does not offer a general change log or upstream provider communication chain.

If you really need to know about every security patch installed or provider communication, Xojo Cloud may not be the right solution for you. It is designed to insulate users from that level of detail. You can contact us directly if you have any other questions.