The best way to have a (partly) editable grid linked to a db

Dear all,

not sure how to explain this, but I’d like to show a grid on the screen where some cells contain editable text, a checkbox, a dropdown list, a button, an image and a canvas.
Is there a way to do this, or is there a plugin that can help to get this done? I would like to give the user the power to edit data from an SQLite db, but without giving him access to all cells/field.

I appreciate your advise.



there are commercial plugins that do what you want
look at pidog dataview :

and you can do it with a listbox and some coding (using the CellBackgroundPaint event)
here is a small example on how to do it :
beware it’s an old project and it’s not completely clean in an actual xojo version.

Btw you could easily have found all the information by simply googeling for it …

Thanks Markus. I did google and I found too much info. Also links to tools that no longer exists, or tools that I don’t know how good they are. That’s why I asked for advice. The video’s you shared, I did not fond and they are very useful. Thanks for sharing this. I bookmarked these webinars.

Jean-Yves, if I would not be able to do it with the webinar info, I’ll certainly look into the piDog plugin. Thanks.

You can also design your own. Using a container control, labels, text boxes and checkboxes, you can create your own “grid row”. Then you manage the addition/removal of rows, data display and editing, etc. with code. I like to match an underlying array (or class) to grids and listboxes. I validate changes at the level of the array (or class) and only save to the database from the array (or class). Others may have different approaches.

I have a free ‘Magic Listbox’ Component on my website.

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