"the app bundle id needs to be set"

I just converted a VB.net project from VS 2017. When I open it there is a message about the bundle ID, the exact message is “the app bundle id needs to be set”.

I don’t see any information online telling me what that means and how to fix it.

Go into the build settings for the macOS target and create a bundle identifier for your app. It’s really a Mac only setting right now, but it’s required even if you’re using Windows and only plan to build for Windows.

Use your real domain name in reverse. If it’s not your real domain, it’s totally worthless.

It should be in the format: tld.domain.appname
So, for example: com.xojo.Xojo or com.xojo.Feedback

Thanks Tim for the lightning fast response. That fixed it. Much appreciated.

I haven’t done this before. I loaded it and after I checked RESOLVED, it was an empty app. When I build the bundle ID it will all appear? Not sure the steps to make the identifier and when.