The action can't be completed ... ???

I have created an application that uses a MySQL database.
The MySQL db resides on a server.
While this is not applicable to the issue, just throwing it in.

I’ve ‘built’ the application and distributed it to the server as well as 4 workstations. This includes both the EXE file and the LIBS folder.

At times I will make some minor changes to the app and re-build it. I will then go to copy the EXE and LIBS to the server only. During this, there may be one or more users working in their copy of the app which again, is on their local PC.

When the copy process gets to the LIBs folder, I get an error …

“The action can’t be completed because a folder or a file in it is open in another program.”

This I don’t understand. How can files in the LIBs folder be open on the server … shouldn’t the app be using the LIBs on the workstations?

How can I circumvent this?

Any ideas here?

FWIW, I’ve built other apps (in same environment) and have done minor updates same as above and have not encountered this before with them.


That might be when in the Explorer’s “Folder Option” “Launch folder options in a different process” is on. Uncheck it and restart your computer.

That wasn’t checked.

Found out why this was happening. Appears one of the users was loading the server copy of the app which was holding some or all of the DLLs open.

Problem solved!