Thanks to Xojo

I am a little Software-Freelancer and in the past I mostly worked with VB.NET and developed Database- and analyzing-systems.

Since I purchased the xojo-webapp-licence, my portfolio and the count of my customers, made steps in lightyears.

I released now my 5th web app and my customers are very happy. The opportunities are incredible!

I’m also developing a huge web-service, which I plan to sell in licences to other companies.

So: THANK YOU ALL! Geoff, Paul, Dana, Brad and the others in the dojo-team. Xojo is (imho) one of the best and easiest Web-technologies in the world. And thanks to the other guys in this forum for the nice and friendly support.



Well done Lars.

For example: here’s one of my Webapps:

At that time it works only with addresses from Germany, but I’m about to develop it also in english for the rest of the world.

maybe you want to test it

( description: it’s an app to geocode addresses and place it on a map - you can copy it from a table f.e. excel or pages…)

this is the link:

If you enter an adress before creating one with new then you get

Unhandled OutOfBoundsException
message: attempted to access cell -1,0 but limit is -1,4

… and it puts my village about 400 miles away from where it really is (we are near Würzburg in Bavaria, not near Dresden) …

Good job

Just FYI Brad doesn’t work for us (unless you mean Brad Rhine who wrote the book on contract ?)

That said we do have avery helpful community & the team tries to pitch in where we can :stuck_out_tongue:

…unless something goes horribly wrong, in which case Brad is the owner, sole employee, and developer of Xojo, and it’s the others that have no affiliation with the company. Especially Norman.

We have a community?


Oh, and Congrats, Lars! Well done.

Brad sold Lars some web classes :-). Also, Brad has his hands full (see avi).

TechStalker :stuck_out_tongue: