Thanks to the Xojo team for supporting web 1 and Xojo 2019R3.2

Although I’m disappointed that the web 1 framework is no longer supported in new versions of Xojo, I’m still reassured that the Xojo team continues to support Xojo 2019r3.2 so that our web projects, some of which have been developed continuously for over 10 years, can continue to exist.

I’m now using the Xojo 2019r3.2 IDE on a Macbook pro M1 and a big web 1 project, and it works well.

It just happens, one out of two or three times, that the project launch in debug mode is too slow, the "Do you want to continue waiting for your application to launch? window appears on the screen (often when I use another application during launch), and even if I click on “wait”, the application doesn’t launch correctly, I have to restart it.

But it works. And I thank the Xojo team for listening to their customers by maintaining this version of Xojo so that it can still be used on our new computers and so that our web apps can continue to work well on the new web servers and browsers.

Thanks also to Christian (Monkeybread plugins) for supporting this version of Xojo as well. He always does a great job!

Even though I don’t use the new versions of Xojo anymore, I renewed my pro license this year (and of course I will continue to do so in the following years).

Some examples of my web application (management of a store) :

Distance selling via cell phone, payment with Apple Pay (from about the 10th minute, the application can be seen simultaneously on the merchant’s mobile, and remotely on the customer’s phone)

Back-office (computer and tablet)

Front-Office (cell phone, computer, and tablet)

Graphical statistics

Use of a spreadsheet inside the app


I am in the same boat. With critical back office apps where cute UI is not needed, I don’t see why I should switch to Web 2.00. My last Xojo version for web will be 2019R3.2 for the time being.

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