Thanks for the Sneak Peaks

I want to thank @Geoff Perlman , @Greg O’Lone , @Paul Lefebvre for the current Xojo-in-progress presentations. Thanks also to @Christian Schmitz and @David Cox for their presentations.

While I would prefer to have attended the convention, being stuck at home this week was a lot more interesting.

@Greg O’Lone - noticed your very readable code font theme. Could you share that setting? Thx!

uh… it’s just:

Font: System
Size: 16

and I’m using the default color theme (because I want it to switch between light and dark automatically).

To be perfectly honest, I’ve tried several special font / theme combinations over the years and I always come back to the basics for my old tired eyes.

Huh? The default color theme? No, on Windows the default is much different…

Ah, because I’m using macOS. We tweaked the default color theme on macOS last year to use the dynamic colors built into the OS so that they would transition between light and dark mode better.

It would be cool to see more highlighting options like functions and variables.


Ah thanks.