Thanks for the help in 2023

I have been with Xojo since 2008 when it was Real Basic (got the introduction from a CD included with the old magazine MacAddict). From my first attempt at writing a program, it has been a great learning experience; each year I update and improve my program (I am a hobby programmer). As Xojo has gotten more powerful, my programs have become more complex and more powerful.

In 2023, I solved some long-standing issues and made great strides. Much of that work was possible because of support from the Xojo community in the Forums. I want to thank all those who assisted me; some of the things I “conquered” in the past year include:

“RegEx” - Hard to believe, but I was unfamiliar with it and it has helped immensely. Thanks to the Forum.

“Show Modal” - Still not sure why it works but it significantly helped my financial programs. Another plus from the Forum.

Using “ReadOnly = False” instead of “Enabled = True”; improved the appearance of the program. Thanks to the forum for help on that one.

Christian Schmidt’s MonkeyBread software - now I can insert a “Pause” into the program where I need it and it works every time!

I also learned how to eliminate AppleScript routines for making automatic backups, using the Xojo commands for writing files instead. Another big time saver during execution.

All in all, the language and its documentation are fine most of the time, but the forums have been life-savers; thanks to all the ‘experts’ who patiently answer questions no matter how stupid they may appear.

Happy New Year to all the Xojo community and looking forward to more breakthroughs in 2024!