.... Thanks for all the fish ....

This was a hard decision as my business has been utilizing Xojo (RealBasic/RealStudio) since 2010. And I was developing all the way back to v4.5 (not seriously until v5.5). But it is time for me to take a break from Xojo. And before anyone accuses me of using my secret decoder ring to get insight on what @Geoff Perlman & Company are doing. I dont have such a ring. My current issues with Xojo (the company, the product, the language, etc) I have spoken to Xojo about (in private) and they know where I stand and why. And before you ask I wont air my dirty laundry in public.

this decision was extremely difficult as the community here is strong and very welcoming. I have learned a lot about programming (both Xojo specific and not) from many of you. And I thought I knew some about RegExs before talking to @Kem Tekinay. And I was wrong. He knows a lot about it.

and if I had a crystal ball (and I dont or I would be the latest PowerBall winner) I would predict that Xojo (company/product/language) path and mine would cross again.

if you need/want to talk to me, I am still alive. just email me. my email is scott@ (its also on my forums profile).

We will miss seeing you post on the forums

Best wishes and best of luck in your endeavors

Hopefully our paths will cross again, Scott. Thanks for all the support you’ve given to BKeeney Software over the years. Best of luck to you!


sadness ensues

hopefully we’ll see you back one day

and good luck on future endeavours

keep your towel handy too

I wish you all the best in the future Scott, and may you catch ‘the big fish’.

I always enjoyed talking to you at the XDCs, Scott. Godspeed on your new path!

Sorry to hear. I hope to see you someday at one of the Atlanta meetings again.

Scott, this makes me sad for you, Xojo, and the community that you had to make this decision.

That said, it’s understandable considering the state of Xojo. I feel your pain.

Take care, Scott. It’s been a pleasure meeting you at XDC!

Scott, very much success in everything you do and all the best.

How many very skilled people like Scott are leaving Xojo for the same reason of a failing development environment? I like to work in Xojo very much, therefore this worries me a lot.

You were a ‘larger than life’ character at XDC. I am glad I met you, if only briefly. Drop back in when you can.

I’m not claiming to know his reasons, but from a conversation I had with Scott in Miami I think his leaving Xojo has more to do with a change in career path than anything else.