Thanks for a great week!

Thanks again to everyone at XDC for a great week! It was nice to see old friends and to make some new ones.

Here’s the last picture I took before heading to the airport to fly home. Enjoy!

Awesome, and great to see you too.

Likewise, great to catch up with you again.

Good to see you too, Kimball, and I’m glad that you got a great picture on the way home!

@Tom Catchesides it was good to see you and everyone else at XDC… hopefully i get to see most/all of you next year…

It was a good week considering I didn’t think I was going to attend much less lead a session. Always fun to catch up with everyone - I wish we did it more often then once a year (or in this case a year and a half).

And back in Germany. Have a safe trip home everybody.