Textured shape/object

Trying to draw something like a marble, pebble, biscuit (cookie for you Americans)
I need to be able to texturise something then draw at a variety of sizes.
Games do this all the time.
Open GL, Metal, Vulcan … I heard these mentioned but they sound quite a complex and incompatible way to deliver the requirement.

If you wanted to create 100 marbles or cookies with different base color / textures, what approach would YOU take?
I’d need to get them to render onto a printer and into a PDF created using DynaPDF (where I could conceivably embed a bitmap)

How different do your textures need to be? Could you get away with half a dozen base textures that you could color? How large do your textures need to be?

Do you have any experience with fractal apps? Artmatic could create such textures very easily. The interface of the interface is quite awful, though. See for instance http://www.beatrixwillius.de/artmatic/artmatic8/artmatic8.html .

If this is not enough then you need to paint the textures from scratch.