TextSize in Reports

Hi everyone,

For example, if the ReportFields of my report are set to font size 12 (points) and the report is then saved as PDF under macOS in the print dialog and I then open and copy the text into a word processing program, why does the text not have the font size I set in the report?

Did you checked a CheckBox of the Print dialog ? (Adjust to the page or someh-thing like that ?)

Did you try the same on Windows ? What was the result ?


No, I only use macOS.

VirtualBox on MacOS (or others).

Good to be able to compare features on both OS.

Non, about Reports, I stayed with what people said years ago: Reports is bugged. I do not recall anything in the Release Notes.

Edit: That is why I never try to use Reports.

I’m not sure if this is a Bug. The Text Size scaling may also be related to print resolution.