TextOutputStream.Delimiter Issue

I’m trying to set the Delimiter character for the end of line to a Carriage Return. Working from the code example in the XoJo documentation, I’m getting a run time error at “fileStream.Delimiter = D” in the code snip below. If I comment that line out and let XoJo use the default, it works fine. Any ideas?

Var file As FolderItem = FolderItem.ShowSaveFileDialog(“TextTypes.Text”, FileName)
Var D as string = Chr(13)

If file <> Nil Then
Var fileStream As TextOutputStream
fileStream.Delimiter = D
fileStream = TextOutputStream.Create(file)

Isn’t filestream still NIL at that point?

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Looking at the debugger, it is showing NIL at that point. The question is, why and where should I be setting the delimiter? I followed the code example from the docs.

Set it after this line:

fileStream = TextOutputStream.Create(file)

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The docs are incorrect/incomplete.

They incorrectly say:


This example sets the Linefeed as the delimiter.

Var t As TextOutputStream
t.Delimiter = Chr(10) // linefeed

but TextOutputStream is a class, and t must be initialised before you can change its properties.


This worked! Thanks Javier!

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