TextInputCanvas API 2.0

I wrote an e-mail to Xojo on March 19, 2020, to which I have not received an answer until today. It is based on the <https://xojo.com/issue/58957> from January 20, 2020, about the update of the TextInputCanvas plugin. I would like to adapt this to API 2.0, but the source code of Github cannot be compiled under XCode 11.4.1. Even if I replace the plugin SDK with the latest one from Xojo, it won’t work - the error messages will only get longer.

Geoff suggested that the community could update the plugin itself as it is open source. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Here my mail to Xojo:

[quote]Today I write you, because I wanted to update TextInputCanvas to API 2.0 and compile it with XCode. Sadly the Version on Github isn’t up to date. It uses a very old Version of the Xojo SDK and XCode shows me lot of errors. If I replace the SDK folder with the current Xojo SDK, the list of errors grows more and more. Could you please update the Github Account with your latest TextInputCanvas including SDK? Otherwise the Git version is useless.

I had created a Feedback case <https://xojo.com/issue/58957> before, but I was only told that I could do it myself. Unfortunately the attempt failed.[/quote]
Since Xojo has not yet responded to my request, is there someone here who can show me how to compile the TextInputCanvas source code of Github under XCode 11.4.1? Thanks.

Norman helped me out off list. Thanks Norman :slight_smile:

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@Martin_T Can you share the update? I’m turning my attention to TextInputCanvas because I’m getting frustrated with the built-in TextArea and may need to roll my own control.

Just grab the one christian has already compiled
It gives you the basics and is already x-platform compiled


and sign on to

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Thanks @Norman_Palardy