Textfields in a control group

Hi … again…

This is making me crazy… well crazier…

I have 16 textfields in a control group, and I want to step through my array and put in each one some information. I can’t get the index to work. This is what I have.

for i = 1 to anArray.Count - 1
Window1.DesktopTextField1.Index(i).Text = anArray(i)
next i

What the honk am I doing wrong. I feel SOOOOOO stupid right now.

Address the control set as you would an array. However, it is important to know that Control Sets are not Arrays. UserGuide:Desktop Control Sets - Xojo Documentation

for i as Integer = 0 to 15
  MyTextFieldControlSet(i).Text = "Test " + i.ToString
next i

Additionally, Control Sets do not exist in the new documentation, and the note in the old documentation suggests there are plans to phase out control sets. If you’d like to learn about Xojo’s recommended approach, I think the blog has useful information

Thank you for the help, Tim. I looked at everything, or thought I did. Why my initial version didn’t work, I can’t say. I’m putting it down to my stupid.

I’ll look into the control sets as well.

Once again, thanks.