Textfields grouping or set?

Hi all,
I have a group of TextFields and labels to the fields.
What I would like to do is group the textfields then later with code do something like

result1 = txt(1).text
result2 = txt(2).text etc.
This way I can loop through the fields and catch all the data.


ok… was there a question in there?

If so, and the question was “How do I create a control set of textfields?” then the answer is, create a textfield, click on the “Gear” in the Inspector, and use the properties to create a new control set, then duplicate that textfield as many times as you need.

There is also a way to create them at run-time, but personally I shy away from that method.

You want to make them a control set. Click the gear icon in the inspector and go to “member of”.

Thanks for that, so easy.
I want to use it in a sqlite program.
Will make it much easier.
Still a new - fella with Xojo.
Coming from Delphi it is a bit of a change.


That worked.
BUT how do I rename the control set.
They are Client info so the set would be nice to have it Client.
Or do I have to start again with the first being called client. (bugger)


If your TextFields set is called TextField1 :

  • Ctrl-F (Cmd-F on Mac)
  • Find : TextField1, Tab
  • field on the right : Client

Click All