Textfield visual effect when it gets focus

Simple question, I hope.
I have a program with one textfield on a particular window, and one (different) textfield on a different window. I am seeing the same thing on both, and that is that as the window opens and the control (focus,I guess) goes to that textfield, there is a visual effect that is rather emphatic, kind of like zeroing in on the textfield visually. This visual effect happens both when the focus is set programmatically and when I click on the box (because I forgot to set it programmatically one time).

I actually find it kind of annoying, and don’t remember this kind of thing from programs I’ve created in earlier years (esp. in RealBasic, including an old program that this one is roughly based on). I’d like there to be less or no emphatic visual effect, if possible; I think my users will know that the field has focus and that they should type. Is there a way to get rid of this visual effect? (If someone needs to run my program to see what I mean, I’m willing to send you my code or try to get a video of it, though I’m not sure off-hand how I would do that except for crudely with my iPhone :slight_smile: ).

This is not a deal-breaker for my code (for a psychology experiment, FWIW), but as it is annoying and happens every trial (of which there will be 200 total in two sessions), if it IS fixable, I’d like to do so.

Thanks for any assistance!
Carolyn B-G

That’s part of the OS now.

You can turn if off system wide by running this in terminal (untested)

from https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6911582

Or select your fields and turn “UseFocusRing” to OFF

Will: Thank you; turning the UseFocusRing to OFF did the trick for both. I now have a different problem but will put it into a separate thread.
Thanks again!