Textfield MASK and Negative Numbers

It seems you cannot use the MASK feature of a textfield to limit input to +/- numbers,
it can be ##### allowing 0 to 99999 but you cannot seem to limit it to -99999 to +99999

or is the documentation leaving out something?

You may be able to do this by including the TextField.ValidationError event. Perhaps define the mask to ###### , but then handle the case were the user enters a plus or minus sign as the first character. You can then fix the formatting so that the number (string) displayed in the textfield has a leading + or - sign.

It may take a bit of fiddling to get it right!

(Along the way, maybe you can resolve the old debate whether zero is positive, negative or neither! )

Nope… just made a custom subclass, and handle it all in the Keydown Event…
don’t want to band-aid around an “error” that isn’t an “error” :slight_smile: