textfield Keyboard Paste

Not sure if this is me or I missed something, but I have created a new “movable modal” window, added a couple of textfields. When I run it, I cannot use a Keyboard shortcut (Apple-V) to paste, but I can right-click and paste using the menu. The textfield has focus and the cursor is blinking away,

Mac 10.8, Xojo 13r1.

DId I miss something stupid?

Thanks, Richard

Did you change or remove/deactivate the MENU?

For those hot keys to work they must be on the menu bar (even if you make then invisible)

either that… or you have to create a custom KEYDOWN event and deal with them your self.

Menu is active but I did whack the Edit set. Oh, well, back they come.

Many thanks.

Cheers, Richard