Textfield in Toolbar in Windows app?


How can I add a textfield to a toolbar on a window in Windows?

using the XOJO toolbar… you can’t.

There are 3rd party toolbars where you can… including this one I wrote recently

Xplat Toolbar

Thanks Dave. Yet it works on Mac with Xojo. I wanted to know if there is any way to do the same thing in Windows.

That works on BOTH OSX and WIN

I did this in Xojo:

#if TargetMacOS
Dim search As new ToolControl
search.Name = “SearchEngine”
search.Enabled = True
search.Control =SearchRectangle // this is a roundrectangle and the textfield is inside
Me.append search

If I write this code for Mac, I get a textfield in the toolbar.

This does not work in Windows.

I just wanted to know if there is any native solution for Windows with Xojo. If there is none, then we can leave it.

I also wanted to test the forum since I’m new to it :slight_smile:

TOOLCONTROL is undocumented, and most likely unsupported, and based on other topics not very stable

I don’t know how to attach a picture to my post, otherwise I’d send you a picture to show how nice and useful it is. I think it really should be supported. I’d be sad if any new release of Xojo was to remove this option.

Not to worry… my toolbar class allows all of this, does things the XOJO one does not do, and works in all Operating Systems in exactly the same manner…

And since that TOOLCONTROL option is undocumented, and deemed not stable… it could disappear at any time as it never officially even existed.