Textfield.format issues workaround?


does someone know an easy workaround for textfield format issue?
The textfield.format property does not work well for comma as decimal separator and this problem is unfixed for 7 years :frowning:


I’d like to avoid in a big application to change all textfields, subclass it and make my own formatting.

I thought that for Textfield that the mask and format were always stated in United States format
and that internally the presentation was β€œswitched” to use the proper localization

That β€œ##,###.00” would show either β€œ99,999.99” or β€œ99.999,00”

or is there a bug that I am unaware of that keeps that from happening (I don’t do much non USA formatting)

The mask can be set to β€œ0.0”, than you use German localization and enter β€œ5,6” and it displays β€œ5,0”
But if you enter β€œ5.6” (with dot), it works!

so Xojo uses val() and Format() internally, but should use cdbl.
(or whatever those functions are named in the framework internally)