TextField Control Order

I put five TextFields (TF) to get data from the user and then…

I had the bad idea to place them in the wrong order (or set them the wrong name order): I do not found a way to change the…

TF appearance order
TF tab order.

The TF who have the focus at window appearance is TF #4, then a Tab keypress goes to TF #5, then 1, 2 and 3.

I changed the Tab order in the alternate view of the Property tab (to 0 thru 5 in the order I want to get them, but this changed nothing).

Is it a local trouble or a Xojo 2015r1 bug ?

In call cases, I forgot (I do not have the idea) to change the TextFields names / location / size to meet my needs.

Confirm with the tab order editor that they are indeed in the order you desire.

Late (yesterday) evening, I was fooling around with the icons located above the Editor block and saw it (after a quest from the Property pane to the MenuBar and MenuItems).

Last time I saw something related to this, it was a command that display / hide the Control order values in design mode.

Thank you Tim.

PS: the entries in the window are movable, so I was able to put them in my correct order.

I was there to change the Control names… so it was not needed.