TextField.BackColor lost


Why does the Text Field’s back colour get lost sometimes?
Why does the lack of a specified back color make the field turn yellow on Windows?
What’s the best way to stop this from happening?

I have some huge apps where this has happened a number of times, and it’s extremely time consuming and annoying to fix.

How do you fix it?

Do you use a subclass of TextField?

It looks as if you loaded an older project in the latest Xojo. If you had saved in an older version, the addition of the Alpha channel has made white turn yellow.

Simply change it back to white.

Definitely not the case. I’ve been working with the most recent release for quite some time.
Drived me bonkers!

[quote=247522:@Chris Halford]Definitely not the case. I’ve been working with the most recent release for quite some time.
Drived me bonkers![/quote]

Feedback report is in order, with the project attached…

I don’t know how to offer a feedback report with this and the project is so big and complex (and confidential) i’m somewhat not warm to sharing it.

Regardless, i can’t stomach going through and checking all the text fields to see when they’ve lost back colour again (it’s happened with the same projects many times), so I opted to create a subclass of the Text Field that is self-fixing.

All good now!

Thanks for the question Markus. That tipped me off.

What project format? Binary or Text (aka VCP aka Xojo_project)?

I noticed this too. It happens when Xojo crashes. After reloading the project, some of the Textfields are suddenly yellow. You can fix this by choosing background colour again, but its annoying.

Happens for me mostly on Windows (7, 8.1 and 10) with text format. Have to say that Windows IDE is not the most stable compared to Mac…

Yes, it seems to be the crash of the new version that invokes the old color shift problem due to missing alpha values – see this thread.

A color shift simply by importing an older project into a new Xojo version should be fixed. If it’s not, please try to build a feedback project where this issue can be reconstructed.

I just experienced the same problem in a project started in 2015 4.1 and never used in an older version of the IDE. No crash involved. I believe the culprit was saving as binary project by accident. I move licenses around between VM’s and every now and then I accidentally save as binary.

About 75% of the textfields and text areas had reverted to yellow. A couple were pink and some blue text was changed to green.


I routinely save in binary, and have never observed that issue. Even with crashed IDE.

I think anybody encountering the glitch should file a feedback report and attach the affected project BEFORE saving it again, to give a chance for Xojo to look into it and understand what is exactly going on.