Textfield Backcolor In Windows Build

Cannot control the BackColor of Textfield controls in the Windows build - the Mac build is OK. In the Windows build, the Textfield control has the background color of the containing form. Is there any fix for this?

I tried to generate a test app on Windows 8.1 and 2014R1 ; TextField and TextArea back color is there. Application created on a Mac for Windows, works as well.

But color does not show in the IDE. It shows only at run time. Maybe that is your issue ?

Michael, thanks for trying this out. I am very confused - I tried the Windows build of this app on XP, Win 7 and Win 8.1. The textfield backcolor is wrong on all of these but is correct in the IDE and Mac Build. The backcolor of other controls on the form (i.e… Listbox’s) is correct. This is also using 2014R1.

I have found the reason for this behavior. If a Text Field control has the Super set to TextField the back color does not work for the Windows build. Setting the Super for the Text Field to TextArea solves the problem and the BackColor builds correctly for Windows. I do not understand the reason for this, but now that I know how to manage it, this is OK.

Still problem with latest build…Windows App has BackColor and Text Color only as TextArea.

And in a container control array is only TextField supported. TextArea isn’t possible. So how to change the background color in Windows?

I had a Feedback case describing this issue. It was not reproducible by Xojo. I could never reproduce the issue in a simple project. I offered to send them my production code, but the reply was: “Not really Sascha, we really don’t have the time to debug production code.”

In my opinion is this a gap into the functionality of a TextField in windows. I see no work around into my program. What a pity!

Place a textField on your window. Change its Super to TextArea by clicking the pencil right of the Super field.

You can of course make a Control Set with that textField.

I can’t change its Super to TextArea because I have a container control set of TextFields.

Indeed on Windows changing the super for a control set brings a MsgBox saying Container Control Sets are not supported. It does not happen in Mac. I wonder if this is a bug, or an inherent Windows limitation.

You could simply change the super for all members on Mac.

Here is how to do it on Windows. It will reorder the members, but it does change the super for all of them

  • Select all the members of the control set
  • In the Inspector, change “Member of” to None
  • While all now independent TextFields are all selected, go into the ID part of the Inspector, and change the Super to TextArea
  • Make sure all the TextFields are selected, go into the gear, and change “Member of” to “New Control Set”

Hello Michel!
Your solution how to change the TextField control set to a TeatArea control set works fine on Mac and on Windows! Know I can control the background color in my program on Mac and Windows.
Many thanks,
Michael Eckert

I’ve seen the same problem on Caption on Groupboxes running Windows 7 and lower with the latest builds. Not a problem on new versions of Windows or on the Mac or with older versions of Xojo. Any hints here?

Groupoxes suck under Windows with their opaque caption. The best workaround is to set Text to “” and place a Label above the GroupBox.