TextField auto selection each time a window is activated

Each time I open (activate) a window which has at least one TextField in it, it automatically get selected no matter how many other controls I have in this window.
So every time I add in each window>activate event handler:
It worked like a charm (or at least I thought) but I was still puzzled by the fact that I even need to execute such code to begin with…
Why automatically force me to select TextField over any other control?
If I wanted to do that I would do it myself, isn’t that what coding is all about?

Then I realized (only now) that it gets even worse, if the application runs on a very slow system it actually send the Clear Focus command to non existing window, results in zero effectiveness, so in order to make 100 percent sure it will work on Every system no matter, it is not enough to set the code, I need to put it on timer to make sure it will work no matter where the app is launched.

Sorry I had to blow some steam before I blow a gasket:)