Texteditor in WebApps?

I really need a HTML-Editor in my current Webapp-project.

I found this topic: https://forum.xojo.com/7991-simple-html-editor/p1#p66597
But I didn’t brought the example to live.

How can I build a really simple (wysiwyg)-HTML-Editor into my project?

Thanks alot!

Web Custom Controls has a WYSIWYG. Have not tried it and cannot find it in their demo though :confused:

I found nothing…

“CLEditor – a full featured, WYSIWYG HTML editor with support for tables, images, and icons.”
Can’t find it in the demo though.


Try this one.

5th option down

This is what I’m looking for. But I have to purchase all controls (which I don’t need).

Try this one.[/quote]
This is the same editor, but I am very bad in JS and JQuery so I’m not able to implement this into my project :frowning:

no other solutions? …

Found this old post. Didnt try it (yet).

[quote=69192:@Thomas Rottensteiner]Better link

Found this old post. Havent tried (yet).[/quote] And better english :wink:

Hey Thomas!
Thanks! There is an example Project:
Look here

But it’s written in old RealBasic - it seems, that the xojo 4.1 couldn’t work with it.

The code to get the HTML-Source of the Editor is following:

  Dim JS As String = ""
  JS = JS + "RS.controls['"+ EditHTML.ControlID +"'].field().value=cki['"+EditHTML.ControlID+"'].getData();"
  JS = JS + "markControlChanged( RS.controls['"+ EditHTML.ControlID +"'] );"
  JS = JS + "RS.comm.triggerEvent('"+EditHTML.ControlID+"','TextChanged');"
  ExecuteJavaScript( JS )

But if I execute this, occurs the following exception:

Could not execute returned javascript: Cannot read property 'JUeXJDDd' of undefined Source: RS.controls['JUeXJDDd'].field().value=cki['JUeXJDDd'].getData();markControlChanged( RS.controls['JUeXJDDd'] );RS.comm.triggerEvent('JUeXJDDd','TextChanged');

I am so bad in JS, I am helpless without you guys!


I had tested some last year, including the Web Custom Controls, but the problem is that these editors are often poorly suited to tablets and smartphones: they load slowly, have a heavy interface, some features do not work etc.

If anyone knows a text editor that works well on iOS / Android, I am very interested!

JS = JS + "[b]Xojo[/b].controls['"+ EditHTML.ControlID +"'].field().value=cki['"+EditHTML.ControlID+"'].getData();" JS = JS + "markControlChanged( [b]Xojo[/b].controls['"+ EditHTML.ControlID +"'] );" JS = JS + "[b]Xojo[/b].comm.triggerEvent('"+EditHTML.ControlID+"','TextChanged');"

This is IT! :wink:

F**k, my todays postings are so §$&/&%/§$&%)(§

What i meant is, just rename every RS. to Xojo. in this code snippet and it’ll work.

yes, I did also changed this, but it doesn’t work!


[quote]Could not execute returned javascript: xojo is not defined
Source: xojo.controls[‘VdQekLYZ’].field().value=cki[‘VdQekLYZ’].getData();markControlChanged( xojo.controls[‘VdQekLYZ’] );xojo.comm.triggerEvent(‘VdQekLYZ’,‘TextChanged’);[/quote]

“xojo is not defined”…

Senseless… I have o write the “X” as a capital letter! I wrote “xojo” not “Xojo”!


But now: IT WORKS!!!

Keep in mind that calling directly into the Xojo JavaScript framework like this is not supported and our changes may break this in the future.

Fwiw, there is a wysiwyg HTML editor in the websdk example projects.

@Lars: Great! Long time since me newb could help some1 in here.

@Greg: Thanks for info. Is this one of the next steps in framework changes? Or is this a thing for my great-grandson to worry about?