I just looked at the textField.Mask entry in the language reference…

It says Mask :

[quote]This item has been deprecated since version 2019r2 and should no longer be used.
Please use TextEdit.ValidationMask as a replacement.[/quote]

But when I click on the link for TextEdit.ValidationMask it does not exist in teh docs… Is something that wa planed and abandoned or an inadvertant API 2.0 doc leak?

  • Karen

Look there:

and wait the release of Xojo 2019r2.

BTW: no leak at all.

The latest release is 2019r1.1.

If the docs are talking about 2019r2, I guess, is a doc leak.

No, this is how the docs software works. Sometimes the information appears some days before the release, some days after the finished version.

If i have to guess, I wil say that Xojo 2019r2 will come very soon (as soon as a next Tuesday.

Did you noticed that the releases are public on Tuesdays ?

I am not here to reveal Xojo’s secrets, but what you wrote is not right.

I follow that link since… years and things were like this since… I forgetwhat year.

As always. If this will not be in three days, it will be in 3 + 7 [or 3 + (x * 7 days)]…

Now, believe in what you want, this is not important.

Also, be in the bleeding edge is a bad thing too (things may move from day - n to the release date), and may lead into waste of time.

2019r2 isn’t even in beta yet. This is a docs leak.