Textcolor with color background

hi all,

I have a text field background set tog ray, can. be red or blue or green, set the text color to white

and that’s what I’m getting: text is not ready white …
Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 18.33.34

any ideas why ?

Set the white as RGB(255,255,254) or so… ?

thanks, but that does not make any difference

Did you fill the “hint” perhaps instead of text since that normally shows a little greyed?


is this control input enabled?

I tried everything I can think of,
my definitions below

Problem solved, thanks to all

the group box around the fields was disabled !!!

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Are you sure it was that, I’m seeing that you have “Read only” switched on, as well, that might change the color too, can’t remember right now. But good that everything is working right now.

I don’t think read-only change the text color. Hint and enabled off will.

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Thank you for your clarification. Read-only does have an effect in Web 2 (which I understand somehow, but not entirely :wink: - I think it should be a choice and customizable ) … wasn’t sure about desktop.

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