TextArea TextChanged

Any reason why text area fires off text change events while the spellchecker is going through highlighting words. The text is not changing.

I don’t follow. In a TextArea, when spell checking is enabled words are highlighted if they are typed incorrectly. Typing definitely calls the TextChange event.

Can you provide more information about what you are doing?

Loading the text of a text area through code. The spell checker goes through checking the words. While this is happening the text changed event is firing. No typing is happening.

Can you show the code loading the text in the text area? It is all done at once, for example?

Just simple txtarea1.text = “a long string with spelling errors” or it might of been using styled text. Not at my computer

I can’t reproduce the described problem. Maybe it be of help if you publish a little project showing the problem?

If I set a long string to the Text property (with spelling errors), the event is fired only once; because the text has been changed only once…

I was able to reproduce the problem, but only if I typed in the TextArea before assigning Text in code using something like this:

TextArea1.Text = "Ths is some txt with splling errorz."

Please create a Feedback case as we should look into it.

As a workaround, you can try setting AllowSpellChecking = False before assigning the text and then setting it to True after.

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Adding text to a text area through code and then turning on spell check does not prompt a check for spelling mistakes. Once you start typing, after a space, it will only check the words typed. Appending more text after that does cause a full check, but for every group of words checked the Text Changed event fires. With a few pages of another language, say french, the text change events fire over a 10 - 15 second window, around 50 times. I will add my test app to feedback