TextArea text color changed at ArcShape Border Color change

I do not understand how it is possible, but I noticed that when I change the ArcShape Border or Fill Color, the color of the text in a TextArea (TextArea1) is modified too (to the same color).

That TextArea is here for debug purposes and so I do not care of the bug (more or less), but this is a bit strange !

BTW: in the same window, I have a TextField that does not see its text color changed (it stays black)…

TextArea1 have no class, event, etc. code in it that can… change its text color.

Very Strange.

Nota: there are differences from right now to earlier today when the text stays black.

  1. I have FireFox and Safari open.
  2. I have WiFi on and I am connected to internet.

Beside that, the conditions are the same as earlier today (and a shutdown / reboot).