TextArea stupid Scrollmethods

Seems ScrollPosition is the LINE that is at the top of the control… but it seems you can in fact scroll the textarea by pixel, causing lines to be partially visible, yet there seems to be no way to tell the exact offset (is the line off by 1/2 character? 1/10? who knows? :frowning: )

At least with ScrollPostionX it is in pixels so you are free to do what ever math is necessary.

Anyone have a way to cause a TextArea to only scroll by “Line” (fixed line height)

Solved… with another “hack”… disabled the builtin Vertical Scroll bar… and added a seperate one… all so I could expose the Valuechanged event… But it now scrolls one LINE at a time instead of one Pixel. Tied the MouseWheel event of the TextArea to this new Scrollbar as well…