textarea slow Hebrew rendering

Xojo 2016 1.1
Windows 10

I have a Hebrew string (myString) of about 200K. It populates a textarea that does not have any event handler:
//textarea1.text = “”
textarea1.append myString

Textarea1 gets fully filled at once, but I have to wait about 10 secs to be able to access it (for instance, to click into it and write something).

Using textarea1.text = myString, it takes longer.

Since this behavior happens only with Hebrew strings, should I consider it the expected behavior, or is there any trick to get rid of the 10 secs?
Feeding smaller Hebrew strings, the waiting time gets reduced, but it is never instantaneous as it is when running the app on a Mac.

Suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

Do you try Arabic, Thai, Japaneese (forgot the name) Chineese (Mandarin or Traditional) strings to compare the time to wait (10 s or <>) ?

Did you try textarea1.SelText myString ?
Same wait time ? (10 seconds) ?

I do not have such strings. But I tried with Greek (immediate rendering) and Syriac (3 secs).
Syriac and Hebrew (i.e. Imperial Aramaic) both use the same Segoe UI Historic font available in Windows 10.
As for textarea1.seltext = myString, it takes 14 secs.

It seems so strange that after being filled by text, a textarea should freeze for 10 secs.


I suggested to use other double bytes scripts like it was said years ago (before UTF). Using seach string will make a compare in wait time with similar string. Comparing a Roman String to a Hebrew String is not something to do. This looks (to me) like comparing Apple and Oranges (IMHO: I can be wrong). Unfortunately, I do not know where to get such strings.

After a simple search on wikipedia, now I know what look alike a syriac text.

Maybe some Hindi can be a good test:

??? ???
??? ???
??? ???
??? ???
??? ???
??? ???
??? ???
??? ???
??? ???
??? ???
??? ???
??? ???

Same line repeated many times. BTW: I do not hava a single idea of what this means: I hope that I will not offend someone.

@ jean-paul devulder

Already tried it. Same time.

@Emile Schwarz
Actually I do not set a specific textfont. I leave it to the user’s machine to choose the appropriate font.
I know about Segoe being used, because after selecting a word I looked at textarea1.selTextFont. But I will have a try with Arial and see what happens.
Syriac (old Syriac) belongs to (old) semitic languages. Hindi belongs to the indic family. BTW, your hindi string (“great illusion”) is harmless.

Sorry not be be helpful.